Professional Training

"Wow! My Practitioners at my clinic loved the Therapeutic yoga course that Nora taught and were able to implement the learned practices immediately into their Physio and Chiro practices. She provided so much information that inspired us all to do more with our patients. We were amazed that such simple movements and focuses could make such an impact. "Thanks so much Nora!

Yours in health,

Dr. Vanita Bali, Chiropractor Toronto

Life Coaching

"After practicing yoga for a year with Nora Benian, my trust of her knowledge of the body / mind connection, her communication and her listening skills led me to seek her assistance in working through some life issues.  Nora counseled me in regards to both business situations and personal relationships. She offers an insight into a deeper place that confirmed and supported what my heart knew but my head would not allow. 

Nora allows you to feel your emotions and come up with solutions and interesting perspectives. I have had both traditional and spiritual counseling and coaching, and they both have their places on our paths. But Nora offers an intelligent mix of both realistic and heart driven ways to come to a place of peace, contentment and understanding of ourselves.”

Barbara W. , designer Toronto


Yoga Therapy

"Nora has been teaching us since 2009 providing yoga training for strength and flexibility, as well as Yoga therapy. She is a wonderful teacher and provides varied and individualized classes to address both immediate concerns and longer term objectives. Her classes are relaxing and also therapeutic. We have benefited enormously from her services and enjoy her company very much."Paul Morrison LLB, McCarthy Tetrault and Janet Morrison, M.A. C. Psych Assoc. Toronto


"I have been practicing yoga on and off for 45 years. Recently, for six months to get back into shape, I took private lessons from Nora, one to three times a week.  I loved doing yoga with Nora. She has a great depth of knowledge and an amazing ability to intuitively sense what is needed on an individual basis and adapt to the need. She makes learning yoga enjoyable and easy. At the end of a session I always felt deeply relaxed. I also benefited very much not only from Nora’s wisdom but her practical suggestions on nutrition. Nora is a real find and I highly recommend her as a teacher."Joyce Miller, Arbitrator/Lawyer, Toronto 


Yoga Teacher Training
"Nora's Restorative yoga training is a very comprehensive course and it's designed for all levels of teachers.  I felt immense support from Nora throughout the whole training.  She is highly educated in all aspects of yoga, you'll leave this course fully prepared to go out and teach restorative.  Nora is a kind individual who brings light and laughter to some of the intensities of yoga training.  I've taken so much from this experience and feel completely capable to teach restorative yoga." THANK YOU NORA!!!!!
Ali Kopinto, Yoga teacher, California


"Nora just taught me in the Yin Yoga teacher training. She is an excellent instructor with a sense of humour and has a great way of importing information & teaching. Her material was clear and precise as well as provided constructive feedback to the group. She offered to send more information on the fascia and encouraged us to stay connected after the program. I felt totally supported."

Ananda Mayi, California

"I recently took Nora's (Sundari) Restorative Teacher's Training course and it was one of the best trainings I have ever experienced.  This training is for all bodies regardless if you are a teacher or just wanting to add more self-care to your daily routine. Nora is a knowledgeable and gifted teacher. Her presence and teachings are a gift to the world. "
"Thank you so much for the lovely days I spent with you learning and practicing restorative yoga!  I learned a lot about the process and myself and will be teaching what I learned from you this week."
Elise Chamberlain, BSRN, RYT, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, California

" Nora and her course Restorative yoga training is amazing. I was not expecting how powerfully it can help people in such a deep level of energy (Prana). Not only did she teach physical exercise but also teach Yoga philosophy; to be more positive and peaceful while teaching the class beautifully. I recently completed her Restorative yoga teacher training  and now I am in love with this."Saraswati River, staff at Sivananda Vietnam


My Teacher
"Nora became a student of mine in 2006.  She completed the one year Yoga Teacher Training Program in Guelph and since then, Nora has grown by leaps and bounds in the area of teaching yoga, both in Canada and internationally. Nora is a life-long learner, with endless curiosity, systematically learning and then applying her knowledge for the benefits of her students. She is fun, friendly, authentic and balanced, as well as being professional, organized, and punctual. Nora has also co-taught with me in past yoga teacher training programs. I wish Nora every success as she grows her yoga offerings wherever she is."
Rita Cupitt, Yoga Teacher Instructor, Blue Heron Yoga Guelph


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2019 Nora Benian  | Photos by DonnaSantos.com