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Nora Benian 

Yoga Therapy & Life Counselling


"Counselling therapy offers many positive benefits which can enhance your life greatly.  Exploring your thoughts with a professional, non-judgmental person can make you feel less alone and more able to sort out your thoughts in a productive way. Counselling is a collaborative, confidential relationship, which works to develop an achievable plan to help you move forward and gain the strength to face your challenges."

Lifestyle and Personal Development Counselling is a unique and wholistic approach to counselling that helps clients recognize what areas of their lives could use an improvement, change or an adjustment. The idea is to re-align and re-condition the mind to stay balanced and focused on healthier approaches to living. Areas examined during sessions are personal habits, self-esteem, past experiences and beliefs, present conflicts, strengths, weaknesses, and the individual’s life situation.

With this wholistic counselling approach a client’s issues are listened to, acknowledged and prioritized. One by one the issues are explored until the big picture becomes clear and personal patterns are uncovered. Then goals are set and steps toward them are drawn up by the co-operative effort of both client and counsellor.

The way one perceives life and the beliefs one has of themselves governs their choices, behaviors and therefore their experiences in life.
What are the benefits to Counselling?

The benefits of counselling include a greater degree of self-awareness and understanding of yourself and others, improving self-esteem, and becoming reflective in your personal relationships. You feel better about yourself, you have direction, goals, confidence, and are able to achieve them. Counselling is a wise investment, because you want to make sense of it all, you want to make the most of it. 

Psychological studies have shown empirical evidence which supports counselling therapy, and its mental and physical health benefits.

  • It offers an opportunity to hear yourself report to the counsellor your issue(s) which allows you a clearer understanding of them. Some clients gain enormous relief from sharing with an objective person what they have not been able to share with loved ones or people close to them. The counsellor is present for the client who is feeling overwhelmed, distressed, confused, or in crisis. A safe, trusting therapeutic relationship is built in which you feel accepted, non-judged, and valued. The counsellor asks you effective questions about your issues and goals to make a professional assessment and creates a treatment plan unique for your situation and needs. 
  • Once insight has been gained, you and the counsellor collaboratively set the goals for your therapy. The counsellor's knowledge about psychology, psychoanalytical development, personality, motivation, mental conditions, mood states, addiction, interrelationship, grieving and loss, aging, attachment and family systems, and so on, will guide the processing of the client's issue(s). Counsellors offers you strategic interventions, techniques, and effective ways of bringing about positive changes so you may achieve your goals. As you move through this work, you may notice a lowering of psychological defences, increased self-esteem, improved mood states, a sense of returning to your true self, a more balanced lifestyle, a return to better health, less emotional confusion, increased motivation, improvement in your relationships, better focus at work, more positive attitudes, and so on. 
  • Another benefit of counselling is the growth, maturation, and sense of genuineness, self-confidence and well being that you can achieve through attending to personal therapeutic work. Not every goal need be achieved to the maximum for you to feel that your investment of time and money was worthwhile. Counselling sessions are a major influence in your life that you can draw upon in the future with the tools acquired through this process.

Revel in the ability to evolve.

Nora Benian is an experienced Registered Professional Counsellor, Certified Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist. See Testimonials.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length and cost $80-$120 (sliding fee scale)

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