Deepening into Stillness

Nora Benian (Sundari)

Dec 16-20/ 2019  5 days 3-6pm


Passive yoga is based on the Taoist concepts of balancing the yin and the yang, the opposite and complementary principles in nature. Life keeps us moving quickly without much time to slow down. With this lifestyle, our bodies tighten up from mental tension and begin to cause all sorts of ailments and lack of mobility, leading to discomfort and pain.

Passive yoga offers a practice that helps us play with our edges, unwind, breathe more consciously, and turn inward. There is less instruction to listen to, much to discover within oneself, and more peace to be found than in more active yoga practices. Passive yoga postures give an opportunity for deeper tissues, such as connective and fascia, to release long-held tensions, allowing for the prana (life force) to flow more easily through previously blocked areas, increasing overall energy and well-being.

Benefits of passive yoga include:

  • Calming and balancing to the mind and body

  • Regulation of energy flow and hormone production

  • Increased mobility, flexibility, and lubrication in the joints and connective tissues

  • Lower stress levels

  • Development of greater stamina to endure discomfort

  • Release of tension in the fascia throughout the body

  • Help in reducing TMJ and migraines

  • Promotion of deeper relaxation

  • Counter-balance to anxiety and stress

  • Greater ability to sit for meditation.

This Passive Yoga Retreat is a wonderful complement to any other form of yoga and an active lifestyle. Not only will you experience deep renewal, you will leave with practices you can continue to use to create balance in your life.


The Yin Program Tuition: $385 (not including flight or stay)  

Schedule: 3pm to 6pm each day giving you plenty of time for the beach and other yoga classes and workshops (included in the cost of your stay, which also includes meals). 



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