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Workshops & Retreats

Because everyone needs to learn, heal and enjoy life!

Day Retreat June 11/23

Give yourself a full day of SELF-CARE. Rejuvenate and revive in this beautiful and nurturing environment. Work out the kinks in your body, and get ready to relax deeply while bathing

in the healing vibrations of the

crystal and metal singing bowls.


Experience Yin yoga, Active Yoga,

Ball Therapy Massage + Restorative Yoga. 


After a nourishing and delicious lunch catered by Cashew, we can venture out and hike the beautiful grounds or stay back and relax.  

All for $150


You Deserve it!

At Rising Fawn Gardens

521 Cureton Mill Rd. Rising Fawn, GA 30738

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Ball Therapy & Yoga Workshop

This workshop fuses a spectrum of acupressure work, energy line massage, and Yin yoga.
Learn how to find and stimulate acupressure points along the meridians and how to release the blockages in your energy flow. Develop your ability to channel the life force (Prana) through congested areas of the body and relax more deeply than ever before.


Discover ways to release stagnant energy, pain, and tension and increase overall flexibility bringing your yoga practice to a whole new level. You will learn how to soothe tired feet, ease a headache, and release tension from the face, chest, abdomen, hips, shoulders, back, neck, arms, and hands.
These workshops will help you feel free again and allow you to move beyond your previous limitations in your yoga practice and in your overall well-being.


Part 1-Focus is on the lower body including the feet, Achilles tendons, calves, IT band, buttocks,and  hips.

Part 2- Focus is on the upper body including the low, mid, and upper back, shoulders, and neck.

                                                Come out feeling brand new!

                        $25   @ Mountain Arts Community Center    809 Kentucky Ave. Signal Mountain TN

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Healing Sound Bath

Singing bowls produce a vibrational sound that resonates with the chakra of your body, strengthening your energetic field, improving your health, and directly affecting your brain wave activity. Scientific analyses of electromagnetic brainwaves confirm that the waves produced by singing bowls produce alpha waves in our brain giving a feeling of deep relaxation, stimulating healing, creates feelings of peace and overall well-being.


                       Rest deeply bathing in healing vibrational sounds.


$20 per person. Bring 2 blankets, 2 pillows, a yoga mat and blocks, and a strap if you have one.   


                                           @ Mountain Arts Community Center 

                                          809 Kentucky Ave. Signal Mountain TN



                                                            at Yin Yang House

                                7053 Lee Hwy Suite #305, Chattanooga, TN 37421

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Mexico Yogaaah Retreat
March 6-12/ 2023

Unplug, unwind, relax, and rejuvenate during this 6-night stay at Punta Monterrey Tropical Beach Resort with 3 delicious, healthy meals (vegans accommodated) and 2 yoga classes daily (Yin yoga, Yin/Yang Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Ball Therapy Massage, Meditation).

All rooms have a beautiful view and balcony or deck and sleep at least 2 people.  The Luxury cabins have a loft so 2-4 friends can stay together in one cabana with a kitchenette, small fridge, Microwave, and purified water.  Although everyone can get purified water in the dining area.


You can hear, feel, smell, and see the ocean from just about everywhere in the resort.  Beach chairs, kayaks, a few SUP boards, and umbrellas are available for all to use at your leisure. Hiking in the jungle to a deserted beach or find the Orchid farm. We can go into Sayulita for a SUP lesson and soak up the culture or for an outing into nearby San Pancho for coffee,dessert and reliable internet. We can also have an evening bonfire where we can look up at the stars.


The meals are freshly made and they can accommodate any diet. They serve fresh fish almost daily. There is always plenty to eat and drink. They have a cute bar that serves alcohol, espresso coffee, some sweets (not much), t-shirts, sweatshirts and beach towels, and hats for sale.


Be prepared to unplug. There is hardly any internet or phone reception at the ecolodge because it's so remote. But we will go into town at least once so we can look around, enjoy the culture and use the wifi or data or our phones.

We will gather to meditate on the beach and  witness the big ball of fire sink into the ocean to the sound of the ocean. Each retreat I have led has such a lovely group of people that all seem to get along harmoniously that come out as friends.


We'll have 2 yoga classes a day geared to the needs of the group and the day. We'll have a blend of active (Yang), Yin, Restorative, and ball therapy and meditation. The studio is large, clean, and well equipped with props. If you want , you can bring your own mat. All classes are optional but strongly encouraged to attend. It's good for you right?


Flights to Puerto Vallarta are reasonable if booked early enough. It’s a 1-hour drive to the Ecolodge from the airport and we travel together as a group with a chartered company. (Included)To reserve your spot you can give a deposit of $250 and make Payments monthly until February. $1495 for shared room and $2249 for private.

Transportation from Airport to the eco-lodge and back is included.

Check out the eco-lodge at

                Retreat, Explore and Rejuvenate

Restorative Yoga &
Thai Massage

A blissful, luxurious experience intended to restore body, mind, and spirit.

This 90 min. is all about deep release & relaxation. Restorative yoga postures performed in a comfortably heated room combining the therapeutic touch of

Thai massage, encourages healing, connection, and surrender. As you are gently and mindfully guided through a passive, restful sequence, the application of both Thai massage and Aromatherapy will assist you with your inward, healing journey.

At The Yin Yang House 

7053 Lee Hwy, #305 Chattanooga TN

Me teaching Sivananda retreat.png
Rest ttc pic great pic.jpg
Calm Sea

During these programs, you will learn a full series of therapeutic or restorative postures to guide your students back to alignment and health. The practices are complemented with gentle stretching, breathing, and meditation. Through direct experience, practice teaching, and feedback, you leave with the ability to confidently teach a primary series of restorative poses to your students as well as incorporate them into your own practice.


These 30-hr Yoga Teacher Trainings are experiential and fundamentals courses designed to provide teachers with a foundation for teaching safe and effective yoga practices. Students will learn how to meet each student where they are, no matter the age or ability, and teach safe effective postures to heal the body and relax the mind.

Receive a manual, Certificate and 30 CEU"S with Yoga Alliance.


A Retreat version is also available during this time with only 15 hrs of participation.  See more here! 

Therapeutic Healing Retreat

Restorative  Self-Care Yoga Retreat

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