Eco-Friendly Yoga Clothing

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Wolven Threads

Every product begins as a canvas. Inspiration is found everywhere and used in creative pattern making. We then adapt our creations to the ebb and flow of the human body and the clothes that adorn it. Our leggings contain 84% Recycled plastic and 16% spandex. That's 27 plastic water bottles per pair.

Sustainability — Diversity — Body Positivity — Creativity/Artistic Appreciation
To address our carbon footprint we’ve partnered with Climate Neutral. This means measuring our greenhouse gas emissions footprint, purchasing carbon credits to offset that footprint, and implementing plans to reduce emissions moving forward.  
This means your Wolvens are carbon–neutral (yay!). These carbon credits support a range of projects such as rainforest conservation and landfill methane-capture. Rest assured that we’re doing everything we can to deliver a product with the lowest possible impact.

I find these clothes very soft and flexible. Fits well everywhere and feels like your second skin. Tons of colours and designs with more of an earthy feel. Patterns are a little more on the mature side. They wash easily. I love them. 

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Pineapple Clothing

Environmentally conscious and proactive company Pineapple Clothing is a celebration of ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes - from the sweetest baby girl to the most poised, vibrant woman who loves style. 27 plastic water bottles are recycled into each pair of leggings. Be a part of the solution.

Our passion: dressing women and girls in beautiful, quality clothing. Our mission: to provide the ultimate comfort in every piece so the wearer looks and feels radiant for any occasion. Whether it’s a night out or a family gathering, a routine work day or a vacation, a holiday party or just another day at school or the gym, we aim to give every girl and woman the chance to stand out from the crowd no matter where she goes.

I find these clothes, colors and patterns to be playful, cheerful and bright. They are made of a stiffer, more hugging fabric that feels like you have something on. They fit well, a little on the smaller side for the tops. I love that there are so many cool patterns, something for everyone.

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Pineapple Clothing